The Hip Show strive to cover as much of the vast library of songs available. We have performed complete albums on more than a few occasions, and do our best to cover all eras and albums as possible. Our set list are always changing, and evolving. Here is a list of all the songs we have currently in our repertoire.

The Tragically Hip Debut

The Tragically Hip

  • Highway Girl
The Tragically Hip Up To Here

Up to Here

  • Blow at High Dough
  • I’ll Believe in You
  • New Orleans is Sinking
  • 38 Years Old
  • She Didn’t Know
  • Boots or Hearts
  • Trickle Down
  • Opiated
The Tragically Hip Road Apples

Road Apples

  • Little Bones
  • Twist my Arm
  • Cordelia
  • The Luxury
  • Born in the Water
  • Long Time Running
  • Bring it all Back
  • Three Pistols
  • Fight
  • On The Verge
  • Fiddler’s Green
  • The Last of the Unplucked Gems
The Tragically Hip Fully Completely

Fully Completely

  • Courage
  • Looking for a Place to Happen
  • At the Hundreth Meridian
  • Pigeon Camera
  • Lionized
  • Locked in the Trunk of a Car
  • We'll Go Too
  • Fully Completely
  • Fifty Mission Cap
  • Wheat Kings
  • The Wherewithal
  • Eldorado
The Tragically Hip Day for Night

Day for Night

  • Grace, Too
  • Greasy Jungle
  • So Hard Done By
  • Nautical Disaster
  • Thugs
  • Scared
Trouble at the Henhouse

Trouble at the Henhouse

  • Gift shop
  • Springtime in Vienna
  • Ahead by a Century
  • 700 Ft. Ceiling
Phantom Power

Phantom Power

  • Poets
  • Somethings On
  • Bobcaygoen
  • Fireworks
music at work

Music at Work

  • Music at Work
  • Lake Fever
In Violet Light

In Violet Light

  • Use It Up
  • The Darkest One
  • Silver Jet
  • All Tore Up
  • Dire Wolf
  • It's a Good Life You Don't Weaken
In between evolution

In Between Evolution

  • Vaccination Scar
world container the hip

World Container

  • In View
  • The Kids Don't Get It
tragically hip we are the same

We are the Same

  • Coffee Girl
  • Love Is A First
now for plan a the tragically hip

Now for Plan A

  • At Transformation
  • Streets Ahead
  • We Want To Be It
man machine poem

Man Machine Poem