Downie Wenjack Fund

Gord said “Do something” was it a challenge? Perhaps. But he also gave us all an opportunity to participate in that challenge.

He left us a legacy that extends far beyond his poetry and his music. He had a vision of a better Canada. One where everybody is equal, and engaged. One where the indigenous people of our country are looked upon as equals, not down upon.

For 7 generations we have taken their land, their language, and their culture, and by abhorrent measures forced them to assimilate to our ways.

Gord said it will take 7 generations to restore all that we could. That the next 150 years need to be different than the last 150 years.

That is why he, along with his brother Mike, and the Wenjack family started the Gord Downie/Chanie Wenjack fund. It is there to bring the message of the past and the hope for the future to a grass roots level.

So in keeping with that, The Hip Show has made a solid commitment to donate a portion of each show we play to the Downie/Wenjack fund. It is one way we feel that we can contribute to positively further advance the path to Truth and Reconciliation.

We hope that you can join us by contributing as well. Just click the link below. Any amount helps. It’s good to give.

downie wenjack fund